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      Welcome to the official website of Stronkin Electronics Co.,LTD.


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      About Stronkin

          Stronkin Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in 1992. The headquarters is conveniently located in Port Economic Zone, Gaogang District, Taizhou City, and covers an area of 120 thousands square meters. Stronkin is a professional multiple-producing company of mechanic mounting, monitor stands, various hinges, constant force springs, zinc/aluminum alloy parts, die casting parts, plastic parts and stamping parts. Our products are used for varieties of LCD monitor, LCD TV, All-in-one, copy machine, printer, projector, notebook computer, mobile phone, automobile, smart home, etc.Our main products of hinges,stands,spring,shafts,sliders,die casting,stamping and plastic parts have been the best choice for customers within the twenty year’s development.


      2016 innovation Electronics Group Co., Ltd. supplier conference successfully convened
      2016 innovation Electronics Group Co., Ltd. supplier conference successfully convened

        The innovation Electronics Group Co., Ltd. was established in 1992, and the group headquarters "Taizhou innovation Electronics Co., Ltd." is located in the Taizhou high port economic Park, which is convenient and full of traffic. It covers ......

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      Stronkin Electronics Co.,LTD.

      Address:No.189, Youyigang Road, Port Economic Zone, Gaogang District,Taizhou City,Jiangsu Province  

      Telephone:+86-523-86960091  Fax:+86-523-86964938

      Email: sales@www.jdcfo.cn  Postcode:225321

      Recruitment Hotline:+86-523-86900020 +86-523-86907911 Recruiting contacts:Mr JU & Miss Wang

      公司微信二維碼[2018-06-24 16:56:42]
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